KATfood Chronicles pt1


Stepping outside my comfort zone is something that I have never been to keen on, especially when it comes to my food.  I take my taste buds very seriously and not to be dramatic but “I don’t like food I love food and if I don’t love it I don’t swallow.”  This quote from the Disney movie Ratatouille is very pertinent to my life.  Growing up I ate a total of about 10 things and even into my adult life I haven’t strayed too far away from what I’m used to and know I like

  • tacos
  • pizza
  • hamburger
  • fries
  • hotdog
  • spaghetti
  • chicken (cold, strips, nuggets)
  • noodles
  • some fruit

As I grow up, I realize that there is a huge world around me and if I want to travel I’m probably going to have to eat different things.  This is terrifying to me.  I’m making a promise to myself to start going out and ordering things as they come.  My goal is to order things without altering them more than I do alter.

The Dog Haus

Last night I had dinner at The Dog Haus for the first time.  This was the perfect place to ease my way into trying new things, a hot dog I had no control over.  A fancy hotdog if you will.  (I normally eat them with ketchup only)  The menu was very user friendly with options for a regular dog, a sausage dog, or a burger.  There are house made options with fixins you might already want like the Another Night in Bangkok I tried but did not photograph.  The protein is spicy Thai currywurst and oh my god it’s hot.  I’m proud of myself for trying it but I can’t understand why anyone would every want their mouth to feel like that.  I barley bit the sausage and am pretty sure I got no toppings, but it felt like my mouth was bleeding.  I’m not at all being dramatic about the severity of the pain my mouth was in.  I need baby steps.

My dog was a wait for it….. create your own.  The best thing I could ever read on a menu is “create your own” because then I know for a fact I’m going to like it.  Because I do want to start stepping my food game up I decided I would decorate my dog with things I normally wouldn’t.  I started with a bacon wrap because double meat every day of my life, and added cheddar cheese, caramelized onions & crispy onions, and garlic aioli.  Heck yea I’m proud of myself for getting a weird sauce I had never heard of.   It was so good 10/10 will come back.


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