a man in a band shirt

Twenty minutes until closing last night I could see a man approaching our store, alone.  Before he even entered the building I noticed his band shirt. vanaAutomatically when I see anyone wearing a band shirt I wonder if they know who they are displaying.  Not completely in a negative way, but out of genuine curiosity.  I’ve done it, worn a band shirt of a band I didn’t know at all, it’s no biggie.  You can really get a band shirt anywhere.  I’ve got some at thrift stores, retail stores have them, online manufactures produce their version of a band shirt, so you can’t assume someone got their band shirt from a live perfomance.  Some people don’t realize it’s a band shirt and some people like the art, that’s cool wear what you want.

Then comes this conflict when I know the band and I want to talk about it but my “what if they don’t know what they’re wearing” anxiety kicks and I stay silent most of the time.

So this guy walks in the door and I look harder and notice that its not the popular Nirvana shirt that I thought.  This was the shirt mello

Now seeing this shirt is a little bit different.  The way one comes across a shirt like this is different.  One must attend a show and pledge allegiance by waiting in a line for such a piece of merch, or one must know and like the artist enough to go to their website and search for a way to represent, only to stumble across a treasure like this.  To most it probably doesn’t make sense but to us it was our connection point.  I grinned and told him I liked his shirt and thanked me.  Talking to “adults” especially strangers has always been difficult for me in any situation because I automatically feel young and dumb; I was collecting my thoughts trying to decide wear to take the conversation when he came back at me with “I just saw him (Marshmello) last week. Who is your favorite DJ?” I told him and we went back and forth about the music and shows we have been to and who we liked and for what reasons.  It was refreshing talking to an older person who gets the music and why I listen to it.  He told me he goes to shows with his daughter, how freakin cool are they.

Y’all know my favorite part of a show is buying some merch so if you want to buy that Marshmello shirt click the picture.(:

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