making time for myself

I haven’t don’t a lot for myself in a little over a week, and that really gets to me.  I start to get mad at everyone around me who requires my time and energy: family, work, my cat, the world… So I will make myself do things that make me happy and smile.  I will make time for myself.

I’ve been in sort of a waiting mind set ever since I ordered my glitter. waiting-waiting-waiting for it to arrive so I can play with it and turn myself into a glitter queen.  BAM here it is y’all !! It came in two weeks early, I’M SHAKING, I was so excited when I saw it in the mail after a rough work day.

The packaging included a Projekt Glitter flyer, two business cards, and a coupon for more glitter!!! Haven’t tried it yet, but 10/10 would buy from this beautiful company again because : it was quick, coupon, and their website is so welcoming guys. Projekt Glitter 

To start this week, today I drafted a bodysuit pattern that I intend to wear this Friday night.  My plan is a mesh bodysuit beaded to hell and back by yours truly.  This will be my first bodysuit attempt, and my first time wearing something I made to an event.  Send good luck my way !

Tomorrow I plan on going to LA for a number of reasons.  I want to go to the art district to find my favorite graffiti walls for future photos as well as to hopefully draw inspiration from the artist’s who created it.  I need to get pattern paper from the fashion district, and it probably wouldn’t hurt to pop into a few stores to get a feel for the available fabric.  Lastly and most importantly- I need gems for my face, and more glitter, and beads for my outfit.  I can feel it already, beading is going to be the death of my hands.


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