NYX mini haul

Yesterday, in preparation for another glitter shipment (which I got today 🙂  I headed to the NYX store at the mall to pick up anything that shines, reflects, glistens, highlights or blinds.  Funny story, Tuesday night NYX had a 20% sale on their website, and so I was adding things to my cart that I had never tried before, but also thinking in my head “hmmm what if I spend all this money and these products don’t work out for me.”  I honestly didn’t care that much I was going to buy it all anyway but my computer died…  Luckily there is a store in my area and I was able to go test out all the products I wanted before purchasing, and I even learned a couple things about products I already have.

I stayed mostly with buying pinks and purples for now; I want to grow my collections one or two colors at a time so I make sure I’m fully stocked.  I did get a few other colors so lets just start there.  Gold is life honestly so I got some Liquid Crystal liner in the shade Crystal Silk and I like it because it isn’t too yellow.  I also got a jumbo eye pencil in the shade Sparkle Leopard, and as I actually type out the name I get an idea to do  sparkly leopard Halloween makeup. I’ve seen a lot of good things online about the NYX glitter brillants and they were the main reason for my trip to the NYX website in the first place.  Unfortunately in the store there wasn’t much to pick from, it looked as though it had been picked over!  Good for them and the glitter, bad for me.  I did get glitter primer which kept the sampled glitter in tact on my hand for hours after I left the store, and one tube of the glitter, what appears to be white (ICE) but is very iridescent mermaid looking.

The Vivid Brights are really cool! I got Vivid Petal (pink) and Vivid Blossom (purple) liquid eyeliners, and metallic Violet mascara from the Color Mascara collection.  The two pigments I bought are roll on eye shimmer in Pink Rose and pigment powder in Nightingale.  

nyxOf course I played with most of these products last night and did a “paint warrior” look.  Hopefully I can get a good looking photo of the end result.

For now I’m going to order more glitter.  I don’t want to have two orders out at a time because I can’t remember what colors I ordered and I don’t want to duplicate until I have all the basics covered.  My pile is so cute and growing and I cant wait for it to get bigger.  Instagram keeps showing me more and more glitter companies I keep loving what I see.

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