The best decision I have made in my 23 years of existing was to make this commitment of taking on this dreadlock lifestyle.  I attract a lot of stares with this hair, from all types of people.  People ask me these questions for reasons I could not tell you, some seem concerned, some offended,  but my favorite are those curious folk who just want to be educated.  If I’ve missed something that you still might like to know please reach out! (:

How long have you had dreads?

3 years, est. July 16, 2014

How do you wash them?

I wash my hair with shampoo from Lush called Rehab.  I’ve used a couple other shampoos from Lush such as I Love Juicy, and a few shampoo bars.  After I shampoo, it’s clean, no need to condition as that will detangle my locks.

When it is time, how do you get rid of them?

Yes, I will shave my head.  I’ve seen some cases of people using dreadlock detangling shampoo/conditioner and it working out pretty well for the user.  In my case I feel that this will not work because my dreads start to grow together and I have to separate them which breaks the hair.  If I detangled it I would have A TON of breakage.

How often can you wash them?

I wash mine sometimes twice a week- not usually more than that, but sometimes less than that.  It’s not that you can’t wash dreads, that’s not why people don’t very often, it’s because they hold so much water and it take forever to dry.  You can’t leave them wet because of all the moisture they lock in; they will mold from the inside out if you don’t dry them.

Are they good for your hair?

I’ve always thought this was an odd one.  No they probably aren’t good for my hair, but I used to flat iron my hair every single day from the time I was in 8th grade until like my senior year and this is way more natural.

Who does them for you? How often do you have to “redo” them?

I do it all myself when they start looking too messy for my liking.  I don’t put too much pressure on my hair and how it grows and looks.

Why did you do those? 

I hated my hair before.  It never seemed to grow because I would fry the ends off with the flat iron everyday.  I wouldn’t not straighten it because I thought straight hair was the prettiest hair and I wanted to be like everyone else ya know. ( bad choice ) But then I realized that doing it every single day resulted in breaking the ends which made me upset and I was just caught in this cycle of an ugly hair curse that I thought would never end.  Any bit of moisture in the air would make it POOF which I hated, I could just never win.  I had been thinking about the idea for a while (maybe 2 weeks) and one day I just couldn’t stop myself and I went for it.  I didn’t really prepare anyone for dreads, I just went for it and never looked back.

How long are you going to keep them?