1 hour capes

With my favorite rave Escape soon approaching and an opportunity to dress up as anything I wanted I of course …waited until the last possible second to make an outfit as usual.  For this rave I made four vampire capes with a few slightly different variations in style, fabric, and thread color.  Continue reading

A fab fashion day in LA

When I saw that I had this weekend off I was ecstatic,my first one in MONTHS.   Normally I request weekends off because I have plans but this one was different;I hadn’t asked for these days, I just got lucky.  Being that I don’t get to spend much time with my mom and grandma because I work such different hours than them I decided to let them plan a day for use to do fun stuff.  Continue reading

Half up Dutch glitter braids

Had I known Jessica hadn’t brushed her hair all day I would have brought more than just a comb to do her hair.  I played for a few hours with different braids on her before I added glitter.  More recently I have mastered the Dutch braid, which is basically a backwards French braid.

The fine glitter is a mix of a few cosmetic grade pigments I bought in bulk from Super Glitters. I applied the colors with Tresseme hair gel.  After the loose fine glitter was on and thick I added 2 glitter mixes from KandeoLove .

Here are some other glitter-less braids.

I cant wait to add more glitter to my collection.  Jessica soon wants to have a full body glitter photo shoot.  I can’t wait !