A fab fashion day in LA

When I saw that I had this weekend off I was ecstatic,my first one in MONTHS.   Normally I request weekends off because I have plans but this one was different;I hadn’t asked for these days, I just got lucky.  Being that I don’t get to spend much time with my mom and grandma because I work such different hours than them I decided to let them plan a day for use to do fun stuff. 
We headed out at 9AM to start our day at Mood– a famous fabric store in LA that has appeared on the TV show Project Runway.  Walking through the aisles was magical, touching and draping the fabric over each other and talking to them to find which ones speak to me was inspiring.  It gave me a little kick in the booty to continue to do the things that make me happy.  These two fabrics actually yelled at me . They said “Kiah Kiah please buy me ! please wear me! Please use your creativity to turn me into a sexy peice.” With both of these fabrics being $35 a yard I knew I couldn’t get them both /: I continued to walk around the store trying to decide which of the two to get.  Eventually I made a decision.  I got the mermaid one in the top picture because of the holographic duo of blue and green iridescent sequins . In addition to the cool color changing aspect, when you swipe across the sequins and flip them completely over they are black. My idea is to make a sick outfit and while I wear it I’ll seductively caress myself flipping the sequins and blowing minds.  

Our next stop was supposed to be a little antique in Miracle Mile- however it was being renovated into what we found out would no longer be an antique shop, but a toy store.  Fortunately this pit stop wasn’t a waste as I noticed THIS little satablishment right next door.The Milk Jar Cookies was the cutest little cookie shop I’ve ever seen.  From the moment I walked in it felt like I was in someone’s home, a hospitable feeling of comfort washed over me.  Between the three of us we got half a dozen cookies which  were packaged individually in plastic,  and then into a cardboard box and wrapped with a ribbon.  Such a cute presentation. There was one other patron in The Milk Jar when we were being helped.  This guy (23-27) ordered one cookie and one small glass of milk, sat at a table and began reading.  How cool it must be to live in the middle of a big city, where you can walk everywhere and experience multiple things and people daily. 

Our third and final stop was the FIDM museum that I have been anxiously waiting to get to.  I believe the exhibits change annually but it might be more often than that.  Currently the exhibits theme is The Golden Age which includes a variety of Emmy Award nominated shows.  Some of my favorites were:

The collection from The Underground 

American Gods

Stranger Things 

Hairspray Live!

And my absolute favorites were Maeve and Clementine from Westworld. When I first watched this show I had an idea to cosplay Maeve. I really loved her characters and can’t tell you what a treat it was to be able to see her clothes up close.  

This was my favorite part of the day because it really made me take a deep breathe and remember that quality work takes time. 

Half up Dutch glitter braids

Had I known Jessica hadn’t brushed her hair all day I would have brought more than just a comb to do her hair.  I played for a few hours with different braids on her before I added glitter.  More recently I have mastered the Dutch braid, which is basically a backwards French braid.

The fine glitter is a mix of a few cosmetic grade pigments I bought in bulk from Super Glitters. I applied the colors with Tresseme hair gel.  After the loose fine glitter was on and thick I added 2 glitter mixes from KandeoLove .

Here are some other glitter-less braids.

I cant wait to add more glitter to my collection.  Jessica soon wants to have a full body glitter photo shoot.  I can’t wait !