Crush Fit

Last month I attended my first Crush put on by Insomniac at the NOS event center in San Bernardino.  This event takes place in February in the few days prior or proceeding Valentines day, in this case the latter.  The venue was decorated so cute with plenty of Continue reading

1 hour capes

With my favorite rave Escape soon approaching and an opportunity to dress up as anything I wanted I of course …waited until the last possible second to make an outfit as usual.  For this rave I made four vampire capes with a few slightly different variations in style, fabric, and thread color.  Continue reading

A fab fashion day in LA

When I saw that I had this weekend off I was ecstatic,my first one in MONTHS.   Normally I request weekends off because I have plans but this one was different;I hadn’t asked for these days, I just got lucky.  Being that I don’t get to spend much time with my mom and grandma because I work such different hours than them I decided to let them plan a day for use to do fun stuff.  Continue reading