Half up Dutch glitter braids

Had I known Jessica hadn’t brushed her hair all day I would have brought more than just a comb to do her hair.  I played for a few hours with different braids on her before I added glitter.  More recently I have mastered the Dutch braid, which is basically a backwards French braid.

The fine glitter is a mix of a few cosmetic grade pigments I bought in bulk from Super Glitters. I applied the colors with Tresseme hair gel.  After the loose fine glitter was on and thick I added 2 glitter mixes from KandeoLove .

Here are some other glitter-less braids.

I cant wait to add more glitter to my collection.  Jessica soon wants to have a full body glitter photo shoot.  I can’t wait !

Holographic Glitter Princess

Earlier this week I started my relationship which I hope to be a strong and beautiful one with Projekt Glitter.  I recently found them on Instagram and fell in love with all of their mixes.  Immediately I could tell that they were different from all the other glitter I had ever seen and I felt I had to have some.  I’m currently waiting for the RAVE RAVE RAVE collection, as well as THE BERLIN EDITION collection, each of which come with 5 different mixed body glitter tubes.  They are a German company if you haven’t guessed  and they do disclaim that it may take up to three weeks for your product to arrive.  I’m sure it will be worth the wait!  Continue reading