Beyond Wonderland Night 1

What a weekend I had.  I felt so much last weekend I’m still reflecting on everything.  The time I had was magical, and more inspiring then ever.

Last weekend I went to my first 2 day rave, and my first Beyond Wonderland.  Night one, Friday, I got to experience with my BEST FRIEND.  The girls and I got ready at my house, blasting the music we would soon be dancing to all night.  I was pumped and could barley sit still long enough to do one section of my makeup.  The house was a mess with chunky glitter by the time we left but I was focusing on how much I was going to be head banging to even care.  “It will be easy to sweep up in the morning” I think were my exact words.

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Kimono Drape

This was my first attempt at draping a Kimono.  Before I could do so I had to determine the size body form I would be using, and make a detachable arm.  I decided on a size ten body form and set off to draft and sew together an arm for the extremity-less form.  I’m pleased with how it turned out, it was perfect for draping this piece.