Beyond Wonderland Night 1

What a weekend I had.  I felt so much last weekend I’m still reflecting on everything.  The time I had was magical, and more inspiring then ever.

Last weekend I went to my first 2 day rave, and my first Beyond Wonderland.  Night one, Friday, I got to experience with my BEST FRIEND.  The girls and I got ready at my house, blasting the music we would soon be dancing to all night.  I was pumped and could barley sit still long enough to do one section of my makeup.  The house was a mess with chunky glitter by the time we left but I was focusing on how much I was going to be head banging to even care.  “It will be easy to sweep up in the morning” I think were my exact words.


We were lucky enough to have a ride to and from the event so when we got close enough we jumped out of the car and headed in.  ID/ticket check and security pat downs were very quick I was super pleased no one was trying to waste my time.  Immediately upon entry we headed to the Outer Realm to see Gentlemen’s Club.  It was so loud and nuts in there, I was looking at the boys, listening to what they were saying and their excitement excited me and I just exploded.  I popped off and all around me everyone was yelling making room for me hyping me up I was having a blast.  I stopped for a second to collect myself and someone says “you’re crazy”  I know this. I start amping myself and those around me up again and a mosh pit breaks out.  My first of the night and I’m psyched, going off the hook  jumping around when I bump someone and my phone slips ever so gracefully out of my hand- I froze in my tracks and starred at the ground trying to adjust my eyes and scan back and fourth through jumping legs to locate it.  The second I picked it up after 10 or so seconds of searching I feel the screen is completely trashed, and as I click to home screen I find that the LCD is ruined.  Trying not to let it ruin my whole night I threw it in a friends bag to forget about it and tried to get on with my night.

Beyond was my best friends first time at a rave ever.  She doesn’t listen to electronic music much, and definitely not the same genre as I.  The only person she wanted to see was Hardwell, so of course I made that happen for her.  I had a blast watching her get down to some music that she felt, seeing how it made her move.  I couldn’t help but start to groove with her and dance to some house music.  I’m so proud of her for stepping outside her comfort zone and coming out with me and trying something new.


My favorite performer from beyond was a puppet caterpillar played/maneuvered by two male attendants.  I first interacted with the caterpillar during the later half of Eptic b2b Must Die! when we came face to face and it looked into my soul. We ended our night at the rail with Alison Wonderland.  She fucked me up so spiritually.  I’m so thankful I got to hear Messiah as my best friend stood next to me and we embraced.  She took us on a journey with her set, it was so beautiful and captivating.  As her set was slowly coming to and end I see that the caterpillar is making another appearance.  It hit her beats so angelically and from my angle (short) all I could see behind it was Alison, and her lights and all I heard was her music, and I remembered how much we need it.


My favorite part about raving is meeting and vibing with new people.  At one point we were taking a break outside when a guy came up to me and say ” Excuse me, you’re really pretty and I want to make sure that you are with good people.”  I told him I was and thank you, he told me to be safe, we traded kandi and he went to find his group.  I don’t care if he was on drugs, in less than a minute he showed me how much of an impact your words and your vibrations can have on someone.  These small interactions with people who don’t know me and are never going to know me, but love me because they can tell how different I am are what keeps me going on my worst days.  It’s like these people want to just be around me because my energy is so bright really turns me on, makes me so happy.  I can tell when I’m out and someone is drawn to because of the energy I’m giving off, its awesome.



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