Beyond Wonderland Night 2

Waking up Saturday morning was..interesting.  My lovers I had played with last night were stepping back into reality, but you know ya girl wasn’t finished in Wonderland.  I had to make some big moves before I made it though, and I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make it happen.  With no means of communication and no contact with the friend I would be going with this night I sort of freaked, but I knew I had to figure something out.  I drove to work where I knew my coworker would be, got her address and phone number and made a plan for my day.  I set out to hopefully replace my phone, long story short I can communicate but it is nowhere near the quality of my last phone.

After replacing my cell I sped home to change and get ready, and soon was off to meet some truly amazing girls.  I could feel their kind hearts from the moment I got in the car with them; these two unfamiliar faces would surely make my night unforgettable.

We parked somewhere off of some street a few blocks away, and we walked to the venue from the car making sure to drop a pin where we left it.  We walked right through the ticket and ID check but for some reason security was backed up.  We picked a line to stand in and it just wasn’t moving.  The boys line next to us was moving and I started to dwell on that.  I was getting annoyed because they have way more clothes on then all the girls, what was taking so long with my line?  We stood in the same spot for 10 minutes, inched up just to stand and wait again.  And as we were waiting sets that I was trying to catch were ending, and I don’t work my ass off to buy tickets to stand in a security check line for more than 3 minutes.  So when another girl started moaning and groaning behind me I decided to take action of my own night.  I glanced at the security checking the boys line next to me and decided that I could probably get on by him.  So we opened the gate separating our genders, I passed all the guys waiting and jumped/danced by the security guard into the festival.  I gave him a big warm smile and bobbed my head like there were no problems and suddenly I was in.  I kept going and when I finally turned back I saw that my whole crew was past him.  I glanced over and he motions at me to come over there but AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. We all took off, I had sets to see and people to meet–Later in the night we ran into the girl who separated the fence with me.  She was stoked that we made it through but unfortunately she got held up.

With these girls there were no breaks.  We went from stage to stage to stage and I loved every second of it.  Tonight I needed room, extra room for head banging  and there were a lot more people.  Herobust was my favorite of the night, it was my first time seeing him and it was dope.  I recall being so in touch with myself during his set it was an experience.  I knew that’s who we were watching but the music and lights were so dope he made me forget who it was.  It was so hard and so deep I remember thinking “damn this is so good I’m having so much fun who is this?”  I just kept thinking “who is this who is this” because I knew I knew, I just couldn’t focus long enough to remember.  Obviously he announced his own name as the set comes to an end and everything clicked- weather or not I knew who I was watching is besides the point.  Those sounds and vibrations and the energy I felt while in that crowd is something I will never forget.  He dropped songs I had never heard live before and I lost my mind under that tent.

These beautiful girls did nothing but love and support me all night.


We ended Wonderland by getting SNAILED.  Not my first time, for sure not my last, but as of right now definitely my best.  It was an enlightening set.  I was handed this really cool pair of diffraction glasses by someone I hadn’t previously known nor will I ever, and I just lived.  Shortly after giving them back a guy started messing with my ears and the way I heard the music, it was sick -I was feelin that.  While that was going on I feel a pair of hands start to massage my shoulders and I was groovin groovin.   Why were these people enhancing my experience without even saying a word to me.  Did they feel connected and drawn to me ? cause I like that.  That’s the only energy I want to be putting off into the world.



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