Intro to EDM and beading

The tune that gravitated me towards the music that I now recognize as my favorite was Flux Pavillion’s remix of Cracks. 

“Leave the past behind, just walk away. When it’s over, and the heart breaks, and the cracks begin to show”

My first few thoughts were -what a weird stage name- this is intense-what do I do now; My heart started racing, and my body just sort of took over for the duration of the song.  Curiosity came over me when the song was over and I started to look for more music from this guy.  I found what I needed to hear and fell in love with his sounds.  For over a year I only listened to him as far as electronic music goes because my friends didn’t like it and I let that discourage me.  They didn’t feel it the way I feel it so I thought I was crazy and alone for liking this “noise.

A few years ago I got a new job and I found a culture that would show my ears and feeling the way.  This is the majority of what gets played in the back of house, and I am so extremely grateful for that.  Without this and my coworkers I probably still would be too uncomfortable to listen to the music I like.  Around the same time I was discovering what my ears like I also learned beadwork.  I wanted to make something super flashy to show my appreciation the next time I get to witness this madness.

This flag has about 5 grams of sequins on it and took me about eight hours to hand sew.  I don’t have an embroidery hoop so I had to improvise.  I rolled around the edges and sat criss-cross pulling the flag taut between my legs – not ideal but it got the job done.  I do need to back the back before I take this to an event to keep all the beautiful threads down and in tact.

To back it I’m going to cut a piece of black fabric in the  shape of the logo and hand stitch it to keep all the threads safe from contact.



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